What Happens During a Routine Dental Checkup?

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dental checkups in Mahogany

We are all told how important it is to keep our oral health in check by getting routine dental checkups in Copperfield. But what happens during a dental checkup? Hearing loud and weird noises and having someone using sharp tools in your mouth can cause stress and anxiety if you don’t know what is going on. That’s why in this blog post, we describe exactly what to expect when you get dental checkups near you.

#1. Our Reception Team Will Greet You

The first person you will meet when you visit Mahogany Dental Wellness is our receptionist. They ensure that things flow smoothly in the dental office, coordinate appointments and payments, and remind you when you are next due to visit with our dentist in Auburn Bay. Our receptionist will get you checked in and let your dental team know you are here when you arrive at our office.

#2. Say Hello to Your Dental Hygienist

Once you are taken to the back to begin your dental appointment, our dental hygienist will greet you. A dental hygienist is a trained dental professional who takes care of your dental cleaning and assists our dentist near you with other procedures.

Before our hygienist begins your dental cleaning, they will ask you about any changes to your medical history, or, if this is your first visit to our office, they will ask you about current medications, health conditions, and recent hospitalizations. Our dental team must understand your current health status to get you the care you need without putting you in danger.

#3. Time for Cleaning

Now that your hygienist knows about your health concerns, they can begin working on the inside of your mouth. First, they will clean your teeth thoroughly by scraping off any plaque and tartar and removing any debris from your gum line.

They will also use a tooth polisher to remove any stains and discoloration from your teeth and leave you with a shining smile.

#4. Dental X-Rays

One of the most integral parts of dental checkups in Mahogany is dental x-rays. Our hygienist will take x-rays so that our dentist in Copperfield can see if any problems are going on below the surface. The process will involve you biting down on a small piece of plastic while our hygienist takes a quick image of your mouth. This will allow us to get an image of the roots of your teeth and your jawbone. It is important to note that the radiation from dental x-rays is very limited, and they are considered a safe and important tool in dentistry.

#5. Get Your Teeth Examined

Now that your teeth are clean as can be, it is time for our dentist in Mahogany to come in and examine your teeth and gums. Our dentist will use a small mirror to examine your teeth, dentin, and gum pockets. They will also examine your dental x-rays to determine if there is any loss of bone, jaw fractures, or any other abnormality beneath your gum line before moving on to look for issues with bite alignment, teeth clenching and grinding, and oral cancer.
Once all of this is done, our dentist will have a good understanding of where your oral health stands and will be able to create a personalized treatment plan to address any current issues or prevent any issues from occurring. They will provide you with advice and instructions on how to look after your oral health going forward.

#6. Future Appointments

The final step of your checkup is to schedule your next appointment for six months later. Booking your next appointment right away is the best way to ensure that you stay on top of dental checkups in Auburn Bay. Even if you are excellent at maintaining an oral hygiene routine, you still need to get a dental checkup regularly.
To find a dentist that best suits your needs, please contact us at Mahogany Dental Wellness today.