Velscope Screening in Mahogany, AB

Oral cancer can be successfully treated if it is detected in the early stages. Oral cancer affects your sinuses, palate, throat, cheeks, tongue, floor of your mouth, and lips. The overall five-year survival rate is 84% when detected early on compared to the 65% rate after it has spread. We provide VELscope screening near you to detect oral cancer early on.

velscope screening near you

Velscope Screening Near You

Mahogany Dental Wellness offers VELscope Screenings in Calgary, AB, to detect abnormal tissues before developing into oral cancer. The process is painless and non-invasive. The VELscope screening system allows our dentist to detect oral cancer before symptoms appear. A blue light will be used to identify healthy and abnormal tissues in your mouth. Healthy tissues appear green, while abnormal tissues appear dark. It’s impossible to tell abnormal tissues from healthy tissues in regular lighting.

If you’re looking to receive VELscope screenings in Calgary, AB, it will only take two minutes! The blue light can also detect bacterial growth and infection. Your dentist will recommend treatment and oral care tips if bacterial infection and growth are detected.

Our office provides VELscope screenings near you to prevent oral cancer from spreading and developing. By detecting oral cancer early on, you can drastically improve your survival rate.

Key Points About Velscope Screening

  • Your dentist will offer VELscope screening during your checkup.
  • The process is non-invasive and pain-free.
  • Oral cancer is commonly detected in patients over forty years of age. The causes of oral cancer include alcohol consumption, smoking, and extended exposure to the sun and ultraviolet radiation.

If you’re looking to receive a Velscope screening near you, please contact Mahogany Dental Wellness today for more information.