Root Canal Therapy in Mahogany, AB

We offer root canal therapy near you to remove the decay in your tooth, preventing extraction. It’s a painless procedure that will reduce your pain.

root canal therapy near you

Root Canal Therapy Near You

Mahogany Dental Wellness offers root canal therapy in Calgary, AB. Contrary to the common belief, root canals are not painful. They are meant to eliminate your pain from excessive tooth decay. You will be given local anesthesia prior to the procedure. Once your teeth and gums are numb, our dentist will remove the decay, thoroughly clean your tooth, and seal it. If you’re looking to receive root canal therapy near you, our dentist will recommend a dental crown to protect your tooth after the procedure.

Sometimes, there are no apparent symptoms that indicate the need for a root canal. Some patients who have symptoms can experience swollen or tender gums, severe toothaches, increased tooth sensitivity, pain eating, and constant pimple-like bumps.

If you have any questions about receiving a root canal near you, please contact us.

If you’re looking to receive a root canal near you, your dentist will remove the decay from the pulp, the interior of your tooth containing the nerves and roots. Once removed, your dentist will then clean your tooth and seal it. We will provide you with instructions to ensure your recovery is quick and comfortable. After you have fully recovered, we will fit a dental crown to give your tooth extra strength and support.

Takeaways About Root Canal Therapy

  • Root canal therapy is intended to reduce the pain felt from decay and prevent tooth extractions. It will not cause you pain.
  • You can take over-the-counter medication, keep your head elevated, and use a cold compress to reduce discomfort after the procedure.

If you are seeking root canal therapy near you, contact Mahogany Dental Wellness to schedule an appointment. We provide root canal therapy in Calgary, AB, to patients in need of this dental restoration.