Dental Checkups in Mahogany, AB

Frequent dental checkups are crucial in preventing oral health problems from occurring and addressing issues before they become a serious problem. You can maintain good oral health by flossing and brushing daily and scheduling dental checkups twice a year. Your teeth should also be cleaned by a hygienist at least once a year.

dental checkups near you

Dental Checkups Near You

We provide dental checkups in Calgary, AB, in three steps. The first step is a thorough dental cleaning. Your hygienist will ensure your gums and teeth are cleaned to give your dentist a clear view of your teeth by removing tartar and plaque, polishing, and flossing. For patients with gum disease, hygiene therapy may also be provided during this first step.

Your dentist will then begin to thoroughly examine your mouth, from your bite to teeth alignment to restorations. During this process, your dentist will be able to identify any underlying issues in the early stages and create a treatment plan for you. An oral cancer screening will also be included by examining soft tissues. Our dentist is happy to provide dental checkups near you to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy.

The last step of a checkup is to give you an opportunity to speak to your dentist about your dental concerns. This can include symptoms affecting your jaw, sleep, head, or face. If you have any questions regarding dental procedures, our dentist will be happy to explain which treatment is best for you.

Key Points About Dental Checkups

  • If you have a dental emergency, please contact us immediately. Persistent toothaches, swelling, and cracked teeth are examples of dental emergencies.
  • Our dentist can help if you are experiencing symptoms related to sleep, facial pain, and headaches.

Looking for dental checkups near you? Our dentist will be happy to help you maintain your oral health. Contact us to schedule an appointment. We offer dental checkups in Calgary, AB.