How Does Velscope Screening Work?

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How Does Velscope Screening Work

Cancer continues to be a serious health issue. Whether it’s lung cancer or thyroid cancer, early detection is arguably one of the most critical aspects of successfully managing this illness. Unfortunately, different types of cancers often slip under the radar for a variety of reasons, and one such cancer is oral cancer.

This condition is more common and more serious than many of us may truly realize. That said, there are steps that can be taken to help ensure that your treatment goes smoothly. Utilization of the VELscope is one particularly great method to consider.

For more information about VELscope screening in Mahogany, get in touch with our local dental clinic.

How Can Oral Cancer Develop?

Oral cancer, more generally known as mouth cancer, is the most prevalent form of head and neck cancer. Even though it’s often diagnosed in elderly individuals, it can impact anyone. This illness can affect every part of your oral cavity including your teeth, gums, tongue, cheek tissues, the roof of your mouth, and even your lips.

Researchers are still working hard to understand cancer and its many variants better, but certain factors can put you at a higher risk of developing cancer, such as the following:

  • If you have HPV.
  • Genetics.
  • Drinking excessive alcohol.
  • Smoking. This includes cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and hookah.
  • Seriously sunburnt lips.

To learn more about the manifestation of oral cancer, or if you’re unsure whether you should seek treatment for it, don’t hesitate to reach out to a dentist near you.

VELscope Screening

The best way to diagnose and manage oral cancer is by participating in oral cancer screenings. Often, these are incorporated into your regular dental checkups. It should take no more than two to three minutes at the most.

These days, more and more dentists and dental clinics are employing a piece of equipment called a VELscope. A special blue light excites abnormal (either precancerous or already cancerous) cells.

When you come in to receive this treatment, your dentist in Mahogany will conduct an initial evaluation of your teeth, gums, tongue, and even your neck glands. Then they’ll have you swish a special solution around your mouth for about a minute. The lights in the exam room will be lowered and your dentist will shine a blue light, searching for signs of oral cancer.

The biological activity below the surface of your teeth and gums, which can’t be detected by the naked eye, is made visible. This is very important because in many cases, the symptoms of oral cancer might be interrupted as being related to another oral condition.

Any healthy tissue absorbs the blue light and is rendered green. Unhealthy tissues are a darker blue.

Multiple benefits come with receiving a VELscope screening, and they are outlined below:

  • The device works in conjunction with digital photography, allowing your dentist to establish a high-quality, accurate image of your oral health.
  • It also detects abnormal lesions.
  • This piece of equipment has been approved by the FDA.
  • The entire process is extremely quick and painless.
  • It’s non-invasive.
  • Helps dentists to examine your soft oral tissues and remove them if necessary.
  • Most importantly, aids in the detection of oral cancer, therefore increasing the likelihood of a patient’s treatment being successful.

At Mahogany Dental Wellness, we offer VELscope screening near you. Our staff will happily guide you through the process from start to finish so you know what to expect. They’ll be able to answer any questions that you have.

You deserve to be in control of your oral health. Call or visit our website to schedule an appointment to get started.