Can a Permanent Dental Crown Be Removed and Replaced?

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types of dental crowns

You can strengthen and improve the appearance of your smile with dental crowns. These caps are designed to resemble the appearance of your teeth and maintain their structural integrity.

Although porcelain is frequently used for tooth crowns, other materials like gold, silver, and stainless steel are also available. When correctly fixed, these tooth-coloured fillings can last 10 to 15 years. What happens to them when the time has passed—are they replaced? Probably. Our dentist may recommend a replacement if the crowns are too old or worn out.

Why Might I Need to Replace an Old Dental Crown?

Common reasons why a crown may keep coming off include:

  1. The original crown was positioned over a buildup. A dental advertisement refers to the vital process of using unique material to rebuild portions of a damaged tooth. Unfortunately, it can result in insufficient tooth structure to support the crown.
  2. The first crown prep was done incorrectly, with low retention. In this case, surgical crown lengthening is required to expose more of the tooth structure and adequately prepare it for the prosthetic.
  3. Dental caries (cavities) have formed. If there is decay, it can cause the remaining part of the tooth to break or fracture, which impacts the effectiveness of the crown as it has no foundation to sit on or support. It can also lead to root damage.

How Do Dentists Remove Crowns?

Temporary crowns are relatively simple to take out. The removal of prosthetics like bridges and crowns that these crowns may be attached to is done with special dental devices and temporary, soft adhesives. The adhesive seal is broken by gently moving the height. As the crown is removed from the tooth, the brittle cement escapes.

However, definitively cast and cemented crowns are trickier to remove. However, a dentist in Mahogany can still pull it using various techniques. The type and amount of necessary treatment depend on how the current crown is doing.

Crowns Replacement Options

Unlike other dental treatments, a crown completely encases and caps a tooth. Because of this, the only other alternatives for restoring a failed crown after it has been placed are to remove and replace it or make a new crown. The original height may need to be removed and re-cemented in certain circumstances.

New crowns can be necessary to achieve your goals for a healthy and attractive smile. The original manufacturing process is used to create these replacement crowns. Dentists or dental labs can make precise replicas of the patient’s mouth by taking impressions of the patient’s mouth. Custom fabrication ensures that new heights look, feel, and fit like natural teeth.

Looking After a New Crown

Removing a crown and placing a new one is not as frightening as you may imagine. Thanks to your new height, you may go about everyday activities without worrying about your teeth. Remember to practice good oral hygiene, attend regular checkups, and make an appointment if something feels amiss with your crown.

Our dentist near you offers skilled services that guarantee you’ll leave feeling contented and with a radiant smile, ready to show off. We are here to help, whether you need a crown removed or believe you need one placed.

Contact us here at Mahogany Dental Wellness for more information! You can reach us via email or by phone.