6 Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Have a Regular Dental Check-up

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our dentist doing the dental check-ups

Getting a dental exam every six months is a good idea. People who obtain regular dental checkups in Mahogany are less likely to have a substantial dental difficulty that calls for an invasive treatment. That is merely one benefit of visiting the dental clinic regularly. There are plenty of others.

Regular dental examinations are essential for preserving your general health and offer much more than a chance to show off your attractive smile.

Benefits of a Dental Checkup

Here are some reasons why routine dental checkups near you are crucial:

1. Prevents Plaque, Tartar, Cavities and Tooth Decay

Even the most careful person can overlook the awkwardly positioned areas of the mouth. Everyone should go to the dentist every six months for this reason. Our dentist will examine your teeth to check for any early signs of tooth decay. To stop tooth decay and fill larger cavities, the dentist near you will start fluoride treatment if they discover minor holes or white patches on their teeth.

The dentist in Copperfield will then clean thoroughly to remove any plaque or tartar that has built up on the teeth and gums.

2. Keeps Gum Disease at Bay

Regular checkups also aid in the prevention of gum disease.

Gum disease often has no symptoms in the early stages. Because of this, it might be challenging for the typical person to detect problems. However, a dentist is trained to spot the early signs of gum disease. During a checkup, if our dentist notices any gum disease, they can suggest improving your dental hygiene practices and stopping it from worsening.

3. Reveals the Deficiency of Essential Vitamins and Minerals

In addition to cleaning the patient’s mouth during a dental exam, our dentist will also look for any vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Our specialized measurement equipment plays a significant role in identifying any defects or problems with the potential to worsen. It aids our patients and us in seeing emerging issues before they balloon and cause discomfort, edema, and bleeding.

4. Any Signs of Oral Cancer can be Caught Early

Along with checking your teeth and gums, our dentist will examine your mouth for signs of oral cancer. It is excellent news because mouth cancer can become serious if left untreated. The dentist uses a specialized laser to look for dead tissue caused by cancers. The examination is referred to as a VELscope cancer exam. It is painless and only takes some minutes.

Due to this examination, a person who sees the dentist every six months has a lower chance of acquiring late-stage oral cancer.

5. Detect Systemic Health Issues

Our dentist will also look out for any lymph nodes, jaw swelling, or other symptoms of illness. You will be referred to an appropriate medical professional if any problem occurs. Because of this reason, it is essential to visit the dentist.

6. Finding Problems Using X-rays

Did you know it’s necessary to have x-rays taken of your teeth and jawbone every 4-6 months? If not, we’ll tell you about it during our monthly meetings. X-rays assist in assessing the mouth’s health from below and identifying any early-stage diseases.

Book Your Appointment at Mahogany Dental Wellness  

Several variables, including whether you have dental insurance, will affect the price of your dental checkup.

A dental assistant can assist you in determining the cost of your checkup when you make your appointment so that you are prepared. Our dentist in Mahogany can also help you create a payment schedule that fits your financial situation.