Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

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sedation dentistry in Mahogany

To many people, visiting the dentist stirs up feelings of anxiety and fearfulness. But you don’t deserve to miss out on receiving the dental care that you need because of such emotions. Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy fix that can help you immensely, and that’s sedation dentistry.

The definition of sedation dentistry is the practice of putting patients to sleep or inducing a state of relaxation. When you undergo this form of treatment, you won’t feel any pain while your dentist tends to your teeth.

If you’re interested in learning more about receiving sedation dentistry, our Mahogany dentist is here to address all your questions and concerns. Give our local dental clinic a call today.

So … What Exactly is Sedation Dentistry?

Sometimes called sleep dentistry, this approach allows dentists to provide both general and specialized dental care without causing them any discomfort.

Patients of all ages can receive sedation dentistry, not just those who suffer from anxiety. Other reasons why your dentist may recommend this course of treatment include:

  • You have an overactive gag reflex.
  • If a patient feels claustrophobic.
  • You or your child tends to be squirmy in the dental chair.
  • If a patient has special needs.
  • If your teeth are overly sensitive.

Talk to your dentist today to see if you’re an ideal candidate for sedation dentistry near you.

The Types of Dental Sedation

Four types of sedation dentistry are available to you as a patient.

The first is nitrous oxide sedation, otherwise known as “laughing gas”. This degree of sedation does not put you to sleep but it will make you feel extremely calm. It’s administered through a mask that fits over both your mouth and nose. It wears off quickly, so, once your appointment is over, you’ll be able to get back to the rest of your day.

Oral sedation involves taking a pill about an hour before your scheduled appointment time because this form of medication needs time to kick in. In some cases, you may be instructed to take it the night before your treatment. Although oral sedation doesn’t put you to sleep directly as opposed to making you very sleepy, some people do indeed fall asleep.

When the sedation medication is administered through your bloodstream, this is known as IV sedation. You’ll still be able to answer questions from your dentist if need be, but you may end up drifting off too. Your heart rate and oxygen levels will be closely monitored during your treatment.

Finally, there’s deep sedation or general anesthesia. Most people are familiar with this type of sedation because it’s frequently used in a hospital setting when you come in to have surgery. You’ll be fully unconscious and won’t remember anything about the appointment. To administer this form of sedation, dentists need to be specially trained. An anesthesiologist may be brought in for your treatment as well.

If you’re unsure which form of sedation is best, don’t hesitate to speak with a dentist near you. They’ll walk you through each option and help identify the best way to move forward.

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

There’s no shame in receiving sedation density; in fact, if it allows you to acquire the care you need and deserve, then it is by no means a bad thing.

Outlined below are just some of the many advantages that such an approach provides:

  1. It relieves pain, especially if it’s a surgical or more invasive procedure.
  2. Eliminates any unpleasantness. In most cases, you’ll be too drowsy to remember much of the appointment, so you won’t have any bad memories of your visit.
  3. Your dentist can work quicker.
  4. Due to the multiple forms of sedation, there’s most certainly a way that will work for you.
  5. It boasts a relatively quick recovering time. Aside from receiving general anesthesia, you’ll be able to assume your daily routine in no time. However, it may be a good idea to have someone drive you to and from the appointment.
  6. It’s safe!

Are you seeking sedation dentistry in Mahogany? At Mahogany Dental Wellness, we believe that everyone should be comfortable as possible when coming in to have their teeth and gums treated. Our staff will do everything they can to ensure this happens. You’ll be in good, capable hands the entire time.

Visit our website, call, or come into our clinic today! We look forward to working with you soon!